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Honing your marketing message

Your mar­ket­ing mes­sage should be more than a tag line or a slo­gan. It will iden­ti­fy you and your unique sell­ing propo­si­tion. Your mar­ket­ing mes­sage will com­mu­ni­cate your image, exper­tise and the val­ue you bring to the mar­ket place. Your mar­ket­ing mes­sage begins with your adver­tis­ing then con­tin­ues through your appoint­ment set­ting, prac­tice envi­ron­ment, prod­ucts, com­mu­ni­ty involve­ment, cus­tomer ser­vice and many oth­er ele­ments of your prac­tice. Your mar­ket­ing mes­sage should appeal to the demo­graph­ic mar­ket place iden­ti­fied when you study the demo­graph­ics of your area. See our arti­cle Mas­ter­ing Your Area’s Demo­graph­ics for more detail.

You will prob­a­bly find that you will have mul­ti­ple audi­ences to tar­get. For exam­ple, the mar­ket­ing mes­sage that appeals to cus­tomers age 72 and under is dif­fer­ent from cus­tomers over the age of 72. Mar­ket­ing mes­sages based on income or net worth lev­el is also essen­tial to address. For more infor­ma­tion on how to tar­get more than one audi­ence in a sin­gle mail cam­paign, con­tact us we would be glad to help.

Your mar­ket­ing mes­sage should dif­fer­en­ti­ate you from your com­pe­ti­tion. A com­mon way to dif­fer­en­ti­ate your prac­tice is through the image your mar­ket­ing mes­sage con­veys. The aver­age con­sumer cares more about the pro­fes­sion­al pro­vid­ing the instru­ments than the prod­uct or man­u­fac­ture. Now con­sid­er that con­sumers are bom­bard­ed with adver­tis­ing and you will require a plan to make your mar­ket­ing mes­sage res­onate with your tar­get mar­ket. You will need to com­mu­ni­cate a con­sis­tent mes­sage over time.