Helen Keller Video Otoscope Letter

Helen Keller, who was blind and deaf, offered a poignant quote that seems to help a lot of people understand the impact of hearing loss. Her words have been shared in print through the years as an introduction for many to take the time to visit a hearing center and check for hearing problems.

FullTech’s version of the tried-and-true ‘Helen Keller’ letter is unique, in that it pays tribute to her sentiment, along with offering a video otoscopic review and services. An attached “Save the Date” space encourages the patient to write down their appointment time. Mailed in a #10 soft yellow envelope, our standard package includes a full-color buckslip containing a traditional “Hearing Loss Questionnaire” as well as space for two coupons.

Used most often as a baseline mailing, the Helen Keller/Video Otoscope letter has a long life with patients – often generating appointments beyond traditional direct mail.

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