Miracle-Ear 65 Years of Sound

Promoting an anniversary is a great occasion to have a special hearing event - everyone loves a celebration! Highlighting the Miracle-Ear 65 Years of Sound milestone with FullTech’s custom mail package is a proven, attention-getting campaign.

The full-color letter offers FREE hearing services as well as a “Save the Date” space for writing an appointment reminder. The accompanying glossy flyer is chock-full of highlights featuring the Miracle-Ear “65 Years” story, a hearing questionnaire, a sidebar calling attention to the 1200 locations nationwide, PLUS room for three high value coupons! Both mail in a stamped, eye-catching #10 envelope imprinted with the bold “65 Years” logo.

By rotating this in your marketing mix you will boost response with prospects and patient databases alike. This highly-branded Miracle-Ear exclusive package is an excellent complement to the more generic messaging of other mailers.