Savings Event Package

Everone loves a SALE! FullTech’s Savings Event mail package is just that - a special event full of great deals, FREE hearing services and limited-time offers.

The full-color seasonal letter offers FREE hearing services as well as a “Don’t Forget” space for writing an appointment reminder. The colorful glossy flyer emphasizes urgency by featuring three bold coupons at the top - this is your chance to offer super savings that expire soon! Also highlighted are exclusive Miracle-Ear advantages, a testimonial and starbursts. All of this mails in a #10 envelope imprinted with a bright red invitation to “Join Us for Incredible Savings...”

This high-impact “Savings Event” package, is targeted to the prospect that is ready to address his hearing concerns, and knows that he will need hearing help. Ensure that your special event draws in highly qualified, ready-to-purchase candidates!

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