Eagle-Check & Voucher

Telling your audience they are Wanted to try a new technology on an old-fashioned, parchment-style letter may seem outdated or Based on the original Miracle-Ear Eagle Check, this reliable format provides an instant option to connect a patient’s hearing problems with a motivator in the form of a check.

FullTech’s version of a traditional checkmailer contains a variety of elements to motivate the patient to respond.
Mailed in a #10 windowed kraft envelope with a postal metermark indicia, our basic package has a business-like feel, not unlike that of a government or company refund. The check or voucher amount and disclaimer are 100% variable so you may tailor your offer to your marketplace accordingly. Messaging includes video otoscopic services, a quote from Helen Keller, and space for up to three locations at a glance.

Used most often as a baseline mailing, the Miracle-Ear Eagle Check letter offers a clean, predictable boost in patient-flow.

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